The Blue Bus Ministries partner with schools such as Hindle High in Delft.

This secondary school is like a "base camp" for the co-workers of the Blue Bus, and this bus is also situated on the school grounds of Hindle High. Mr Jansen - principal of Hindle High - acknowledged the input of the Blue Bus Ministries when the school achieved the best matric results in the Delft community for the past three years (see Tygerburger January 2015).

Saturday, 14 March 2015 with a principal meeting of the region Mr Jansen again honoured the valued contribution of the Blue Bus projects as to the learners resilient overcoming and school success, and he commented to dr Izanette van Schalkwyk: "Dr. van Schalkwyk I must thank you and Johan and the Blue Bus team each moment for your wisdom, encouragement, and support, because you are the building blocks for the success of Hindle High. I am so proud of the good work of the Blue Bus Ministries."