What is honesty?
I have learnt by Blue Bus Ministry what honesty really means in your relationship, work and house.

I met this handsome guy 5 years ago, he is a religious person, loves my kids and I adore him for his passion for other people.

When I was diagnosed with HIV-Aids 2010, I didn’t know how to tell him, we slept together without “condomise”. I felt very guilty by God, to effect this guy without telling him my status.

The Holy Spirit every time tell me to be honest to him, but NO, I feared that I’m gonna loose him as my boyfriend.
He felt ill of STIS – an infection, but still I kept quiet about my status.

I couldn’t even read the Bible anymore, couldn’t pray anymore, I feel like I hated God for this, that I am infected.

But my secret that I kept from my partner didn/t last long, when I met the Blue Bus Ministry’s Magnificent Mothers at Hindle High…led by Dr. van Schalkwyk.

When I learn about Honesty, in Blue Bus ministry, I did take it seriously to exercise HONESTY in my relationship.

I let my partner sit down, and had a serious “confirsation” with him: I told him my status, I told him to test himself. He told me if he is positive, he is going to put me in jail for keeping the deadly virus from him that could destroy his whole future.

When he went to the clinic I prayed to God bowed before God, confessed by God to forgive me for not being honest. And that his test must be negative.

Praise be to Almighty God: The test was negative, he is HIV free. He left me and went on with his life. I am happy for him. Thanks again to Blue Bus Ministry for plant it in our brains about HONESTY.

To everybody out there…feel free to read this. Honesty is very important in your relationship, in your marriage, in the church, in your house, at work. I almost destroyed somebody’s future.

Thanks to God, my partner is happy…married to someone else.

Dr. Van Schalkwyk, thankxs for being honest to us, teaching us the truth. If it wasn’t for you and the Blue Bus Ministry, I would still live with this lie, and not being honest.

May God open the doors for the Blue Bus Ministry, and let the blessings flow upon Dr. Van Schalkwyk’s family, and Blue Bus Ministry at Hindle High, Delft.



B96 Blikkiesdorp
Hope this will be an encouragement for others: God bless!!