Simoné is an adolescent who is part of the Blue Bus Ministries. She is an excellent example of resilient youth, who manage to overcome daily challanges and long-term difficulties. This brave teenager was part of the Blue Bus projects such as “the Afrikaanse Leeskamer” to encourage readings skills towards school success; and, the Blue Bus meetings to celebrate God’s Love, and blessings. Initially she did not “know” the Lord Jesus, but being part of the Blue Bus projects gave her the opportunity to learn about the Best Road to Life: To walk with Lord Jesus – her personal Saviour and King! Simoné’s testimony is indeed a story of continuous overcoming.

“For a young girl for my age to live in a community like Delft was very challenging. There is a lot of temptations and peer pressure. When I was younger I was very ignorant of friends I liked to be on my own even to talking myself. Some people would think that I am insane but for me I loved being in my own world and in my own imagination. I always felt that I had the time of my life, but as I grew older I wanted more. I wanted friends to spend my days with and who I can talk to. I had to overcome many challenges and temptations. I had to be strong to be able to say NO, but sometimes I was too weak to say No. That weakness and that is how I got pregnant.

During my pregnancy somethimg changed about myself. I saw the world more for what it really is and even appreciated my parents more. I saw how much my parents cared for me and loved me. When they found out that I was pregnant they were hurt, but accepted it, and supported me all the way. They still do. Sometimes I was afraid of what people would say, but my mother just told me to ignore them as long as she and my father had accepted and forgave me for it. That made me realise ho much I owe my parents and they were the people inspiring me to pick myself from the ground and go on. because it is not the end of the world.

I fear for the Lord taking my parents away, because then I would feel like I have lost my treasures. I still have a lot of things that I want to show them and give them. I fear that I would not be good enough and my bursary would be taken away. I fear for my sisters.I want the best for them and hope that I am the best example and praying that they would have that urge to do better then me. I fear for the person my son would turn out to be, because in a place like Delft anything is possible: that is the reason why I want to get of that place as soon as possible just to take him away from those temptations but I also realise that the person is turning out to be is the person I will be teaching him to be. I fear that too many people with good potential would be blind by the things that the world can offer that they would not be able to see the great thing that the Lord has to offer.

The Lord was with me and still is with me on my path. He is the one that made it possible for me to achieve all these things that I have achieved even if it does seem that you are the only one doing it He was always there and will always be there. The Lord never fails and that is what I was experiencing and still experience through all my difficulties of yesterday and today and I have full faith that He will still be there tomorrow.

I am very thankful for the Lord Jesus who carried me through grade 12 even grade 11, because that is when my baby was born and I had to multi-task to get good marks but still look after the baby. There have been a lot of times when I just wanted to give up but then the Lord would show me something different and it would motivate me to just be strong and to pick myself up and persevere. When I got to grade 12 the baby was a lot bigger and my Mom would help me with him but sometimes there were some difficulties at home and I had to stay at home and look after the child (and I could not attend school). In grade 12 I really got serious with the Lord because I had so many things to do and to accomplish and it was not easy. There were many nights when I laid in bed praying for the Lord to just motivate me and just give me the strength to get up for school the following day.That is when I told myself that I do not care what happens tomorrow it is all in the Lord’s hands and I am going to live fully for today and just follow what he has prepared for me tomorrow and always asked him to just always be beside me because I am prepared to face whatever that is waiting tomorrow.

To Doctor Izanette and her husband Oom Johan I am so thankful for what you guys are doing, I would not know what I would have done without you.I am so thankful that the Lord had brought you on my path. I was so excited and nervous the day we went to get my bankcard and I was so thankful. Thank youf ro the educators believing in me. To Professor Johnathon Jansen (Fress state University) I am so so thankful that you accepted my application and providing me with a bursary.There is a lot of students out there who did not have the chance that I got. I do not know how to ever repay all of you.

I want to thank the Blue Bus Ministry for Providing me with pocket money every month and also to the University of the Free State for looking and taking care of me. I am so grateful.

To the learners of Delft (Western Cape high-risk community) my motivation was to not let your background decide where are going.”