Prayer Warriors Celebration – 18 February 2023

We are so blessed – and, the special event for our Prayer Warriors (representatives of 30 schools in Delft and surrounding communities) came together on Saturday (2023.02.18) to celebrate our Heavenly Father’s provision and Steadfast Love. MC Dreyer and family (Kevin Oliver – Munga partners) were present as special guests and they “handed over” the […]

Munga 4 MTB Cape Campaign

Munga 4 Cape Campaign – THE TOUGHEST RACE ON EARTH DONATE TODAY The Munga: 1100km single-stage Mountain Bike race – 120 hours to complete – in the heat of summer between Bloemfontein and Cape Town – 30 Nov ’22. If this sounds tough, a lot tougher are the daily lives of many persons living in extreme poverty in Delft […]