Munga 4 Cape Campaign - THE TOUGHEST RACE ON EARTH

The Munga: 1100km single-stage Mountain Bike race – 120 hours to complete – in the heat of summer between Bloemfontein and Cape Town – 30 Nov ’22.

If this sounds tough, a lot tougher are the daily lives of many persons living in extreme poverty in Delft and surrounding communities in Cape Town. People, in desperate need of help and a small opportunity of a breakthrough.

Our story: Seeing the struggle of many and heartbroken for their situation, we have identified the most amazing, most effective, and dedicated people with a heart for these communities in an organisation, namely Blue Bus Community Ministries. We have been involved with them for many years and just realized over time that whatever is given to them gets multiplied and used for so much good with testimony upon testimony and changed lives.